TechShop Logo, used with permission

As the stock market takes another dive and the unemployment picture looks even bleaker, there is a company determined to make dreams come true.  They aren’t a flashy digital start-up or a biotech wonder.  They’re more like the guy down the block with all the tools in his basement that bails you out when you need a ¼ inch cement screw to hang the basement shelf unit.

Meet TechShop.  They are a membership-based workshop that provides their members with access to tools and equipment, instruction, AND a community of creative and supportive people.  All of this is so members can build the things they have always wanted to make.  They are also the winner of the 2011 Experience Stager of the Year Award.  This is an honor given out at the Pine and Gilmore thinkAbout each year to a single organization that is seen as an experience exemplar.

thinkAbout 2011 - Property of Strategic Horizons LLP

Mark Hatch, CEO, of TechShop accepted the award.  In his acceptance remarks, he shared stories of tinkerers, artists, and entrepreneurs that have already got their starts including Square’s iPhone credit card reader, a lunar lander X Prize challenge entry, and an infant warming bag that has the potential of saving over a 100,000 lives in underdeveloped countries.

They think of themselves as a fitness club with tools and equipment instead of exercise equipment.  They provide the training (“SBU” or Safety and Basic Use training) in a few short hours to empower you to get started.  Then, they add the magic in the form of Dream Coaches AND an environment full of people just like you. The whole point of TechShop is to empower you with a wide variety of new capabilities so you can see the pathway to make new and exciting things.

Mark and his team are convinced they starting a new age of entrepreneurship.  They have 3 TechShops open now, a 4th opening next week, and close to 20 more at various points in the planning stages.  Let’s hope they’re right and they open one close to you soon.

Where do you go to build your dreams?