Neat Stuff

We do not have a monopoly on good ideas… but we manage to hear, see, and witness lots of them.

Worth reading …

The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine & James Gilmore
This is still a classic if you want to understand how our economy is shifting from one based on the selling of services to the staging of experiences. Get the NEW 2011 paperback edition.

Infinite Possibility by B. Joseph Pine & Kim Korn
If you want to understand how customer value can and will be created in the digital world, you need to read this.  Joe and Kim are providing the first map to this uncharted domaine.

Start with Why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action by Simon Sinek
The idea seems so simple.  Most organizations can explain what they do and some can explain how they do it.  Very few can explain WHY.  If you don’t read this watch one of Sinek’s TED talks.

The Collaboration Challenge by James Austin
There are not very many good books on community partnering. This is probably the best of the bunch.

Free Agent Nation by Daniel Pink
This is a thoughtful book on how our economy is changing from one based on large corporations to an economy based on “free agents.” This is a good thoughtful read.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Although this book is several years old (2000), it is still worth reading if you haven’t done so already. It provides insights as to why some trends and ideas catch on… and others don’t.

Articles available for download from or from Harvard Business Online

“Welcome to the Experience Economy”
by B. Joseph Pine & James Gilmore
Harvard Business Review. Reprint 98407.

“The Experience IS the Marketing”
by B. Joseph Pine & James Gilmore
Available from pine&

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