Experience Design

  • Development of a future retail environment concept for a major automotive brand.
  • Design and facilitation of training for a re-engineered Emergency Room experience in a major urban hospital.
  • Design and facilitation of task teams for the visioning of a Future Retail Environment for a luxury import.
  • National dealer presentations on the evolution of an experience-based future retail environment.

Customer Experience

  • Design of National Dealer Meetings exploring the relationship between the brand promise and the customer experience.
  • Project management responsibility for the development of an experience-based customer process for a major automotive brand.


  • One-on-one coaching of senior executives to enhance their personal effectiveness when working with others.

Community Partnering

  • Instructor at multiple national meetings on the how-tos of community partnering … moving from philanthropy to strategic partnerships.
  • Development of a process to identify and address the key factors in Corporate to Community relationships.

Training & Development

  • Development a of Corporate Training Needs Assessment process.
  • Facilitation of focus groups to identify key implementation issues prior to launch of key strategic initiatives.
  • Development of tailored leadership workshops to address key business objectives.
  • Work with internal training personnel in the design and development of workshops to meet wholesale and retail training needs.
  • Consulting work in the areas of cultural change, owner loyalty and profitability for automotive dealers and their employees.

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