The sense of Community is evolving.  At one point it was the place we lived, where we shopped or where we worked.  Today it is a sense of connection.  A sense of caring and reciprocity.

Many organizations struggle with how to connect in a meaningful way with the broader communities in which they reside.  The traditional modes of one-way donations fall short of bringing the sense of connection.

Community Partnering is the process of moving your organization from charitable giving (a good thing) to strategic business partnering (a great thing).

Stage 0

Give Aways

Stage 1


Stage 2

Community Relations

Stage 3

Community Partnering

Random gifts and donations given with no hope of anything in return. The organization/person takes the item and runs. Gifts and donations given with the hope of at least gaining community goodwill. Still a one-way process. Giving aimed at consciously developing community goodwill. There is an assumption that something in the form of new traffic or goodwill will come back to the organization. The conscious targeting of community efforts that will benefit your organization in some way as well as benefit the partnering organization. This is clearly two-way with everyone chipping in to make it work.

It results in a balance of community benefit and economic benefit to your organization.  We can help guide you through this process.

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