45 rpm record - Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I am a Boomer.  I am a typical Boomer.  When alone in the car, I listen to the classic Motown I grew up with.  I can only really proof read hard copy.  I use only a fraction of the functions on my iPhone.  I hate the idea of growing old.

I am a member of the largest generation ever.  Known as Baby Boomers, we came as a massive flood of births after WWII and did not end until the early 1960’s.   For most of our lives, we have dominated everything by our sheer numbers.

The first of us have turned 65.  We are all pretending that won’t happen to the rest of us … but it will.  There are few signs that we will age quietly or with grace.  As a generation we are generally out of shape, under-prepared for retirement, and all too full of ourselves.  If in doubt, just watch the cable news one night.  Boomers dominate it.

Having grown up with the optimism of Beaver Cleaver, I am determined to change the experience we Boomers are currently offering the world.  I am taking a 4-point pledge and I invite my fellow Boomers to join me.  In doing this, we may just leave the world a better place.

  1. I will not whine.  I do not have the right to ruin anyone’s day.  My attitude is a choice.
  2. I will learn something new. The speed of change will continue to increase.  I will try my best to remain curious.  I will at least try to text, to Tweet, to Yelp, to blog, and do whatever comes next.
  3. I will give something back.  I am here because of the sacrifices of others.  It is time to say thank you with my time, my energy, and my money.  I will start this NOW.
  4. I will pay something forward. I owe a great deal to those who helped me.  I will invest in a future I may not be around to see.  I will invest without thought for any personal return.
Raise your right hand and repeat after me …